February 20

Why Do I Love You?

February 20, 2015

Personal Growth

On many occasions I have told people new to Real Love that I love them. Commonly they ask, “How can you say that? You don’t even know me.”

So how is it possible for me—or anybody else—to love you after only a brief interaction? Let me suggest just a few answers you might consider:

1. “Because you need it, like you need air.” Suppose you were walking in your neighborhood and noticed a baby on the side of the road, screaming in fear. What would you do? You’d pick the baby up, of course. Moreover, you’d hold the baby closely and tenderly, rocking her so she felt unafraid. In short, you’d love her. Before picking her up and loving her, would you require identification, more time to get to know her, or a curriculum vitae? Of course not. You’d love her simply because she needed it, and for the same reason I would love you.

2. “I have it to give.” If you were starving, and I had food to give you, I would. You need love, and I have it, so I’ll give you what I have.

3. “Because I can see you.” When we truly understand people—with all their fears and flaws—loving them becomes relatively effortless. Understanding binds us together in ways that make loving a virtually unavoidable next step. Why am I able to see you, when so many others —even you—often cannot? Fear. Most people are afraid all the time, and in that condition they can be only blind to you. I’m simply not afraid, and in that condition I am free to see you and love you.

4. “Because loving you is simply the natural order of things.” Love flows as a unifying, energizing power throughout the universe. Some believe God to be the source of this power.  Regardless, love is the natural state of things, and as I love you I am only doing what is the true nature of man and the universe.

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