Fussing Is Not a Step

May 5, 2017

Personal Growth

Today I was working at my desk and Skyping with someone, Marcus, living thousands of miles away. He asked if I was being affected by the “weather.”

“Yes,” I said. “we’re having a lot of thunderstorms in this area.”

“I heard you might have tornados near you,” he said.

“True. They have what’s called a TOR:CON, which means a tornado condition index, a number from 0 to 10, which indicates the likelihood of a tornado in your area on a given day. 10 is the highest, and our present level is 8.”

“That sounds really scary.”

“The weathermen seem to be talking like that.”

“Aren’t you worried?”

“Not really. We have a room in the house that is highly likely to survive a tornado. We’re all prepared to go there immediately if there is a tornado sighting. We’re watching the local and national weather channels. I can’t see how worrying would make any difference.”

If you wish to accomplish something, begin the process. Take the next step. But worry is not a step. Fussing is not movement. Drama is not progress.

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