Half a Bridge—and Finding Love

January 20, 2011

Personal Growth

Years ago I drove by a bridge that had been built halfway across a river, and I asked a resident of the area for an explanation. He said that the bridge had been abandoned by the county for lack of constructions funds. Despite the investment of considerable time, effort, and money, not a single vehicle had crossed the river, nor was it likely that one would in the near future.

A great many people approach Real Love in a similar way. They learn the principles from a book—or two or three—or they watch some DVDs or attend a seminar. But that is where they stop.

  • They don't practice telling the truth about themselves.
  • They don't create opportunities for people to see, accept, and love them.
  • They don't allow themselves to actually feel the power of Real Love as it heals and transforms them. 

They build half a bridge, which just can't get them where they want to go.

Learning about Real Love is just the beginning. With that intellectual knowledge, we have to complete the bridge. We have to practice telling the truth about ourselves to select people around us, creating opportunities to feel the influence of Real Love. The books give many examples of what truth telling looks like. There are free conference calls offered on RealLove.com.

We can do this. We must complete the bridge that will carry us to finding love and the joy we all desire.

Real Love book

Learn truth-telling and feel peace and happiness.


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