December 4

Seeing the Blind

December 4, 2015

Personal Growth

After a seminar, a woman went home and began to apply the Real Love principles she’d learned. A week later she wrote:

“After learning Real Love, it’s like the whole world has changed for me. I’m listening to people better. I’m not as angry as I have been all my life. My husband and I are beginning to read the marriage book, and we’re acting like partners instead of enemies.

“I thought you’d be interested in something that happened just yesterday. For nearly thirty minutes I waited in line to enter an event. Everybody was getting tired and grouchy. Right before it was my turn to go through the door, a man appeared at the head of the line. Immediately I was angry, but then I let it go. As I remembered conversations earlier that day with my Real Love family, I even felt compassion for the person cutting in line.

“An event employee came out to talk to the man who had cut in line, and the offender said, ‘Oh, my apology. I’m blind and didn’t see that there was a line.’ I was so grateful that I had been able to feel love for him BEFORE I knew about his impairment. My life is so different. In the past, I would have been angry all day over such an insignificant encounter.”

Every day we all encounter many people who are emotionally blind, and we tend to judge them harshly, even getting angry and responding to them in defensive or aggressive ways. When we feel loved ourselves, we can see the blindness in others and make the much happier choice to be compassionate instead of over-reactive.

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