Blowing Away the Dirt

May 15, 2018

Personal Growth

Old Beliefs and Pain are Blown Away. 

About a hundred miles from me towering mountains are often obscured from my view by the dirty, brown air of Los Angeles. After a windy day, however, the mountains reappear, and I take a deep breath as I say, "Ahhh, there you are." I realize the mountains are always there, I just can’t see them through the brown air.

I recognize in this a metaphor for my life. When my mind is cluttered with old trauma, drama, and lies, God’s love for me—which is always there—is often obscured to the point that I can’t feel it. On those occasions, I feel lost, alone, and unsettled. Events from the past foul the air and blind me to what I need.

When I seek and feel the love of a wise friend, the old beliefs and pain are blown away, and once again I can see and feel the love that people and God have for me—a love that never really went away. Then I can sit still, take a deep breath, and say, “Ahhh, there you are.”

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