It’s All About the Light

January 2, 2015

Personal Growth

Recently I began a Skype call with a man who lived far away. As his camera came online, I saw the black silhouette of a figure, surrounded by light coming in through a window. Such a figure could easily be transformed by the mind into a demon or monster.

I said nothing, but waited for my friend to turn around so that the light from the window illuminated his face rather than his back. Instantly I saw his smile and exuberance at the prospect of our conversation.

As my friend turned in the room, he did not change. It was all about the light. And so it is with Real Love.

Without it, we tend to see people as angry, hurtful, and thoughtless. When we feel loved, however, we change the light and can recognize the inherent good in people, who are just reacting to their pain and fear. It’s all about the light.

Real Love book

Replace your anger & confusion with peace and happiness.


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