February 8

Walking Ain’t Swimming

February 8, 2012

Personal Growth

Every day I suggest to people that they do something they've never done before, where they're not entirely comfortable with how it will turn out: tell the truth about themselves instead of blaming someone else, love and teach a child instead of yelling and controlling, trust in the power of feeling loved right now instead of believing the lies of the past. Understandably, people tend to balk, because it's often scary to do something entirely new.

Most of us spend our entire lives hanging on to the bank of the river. We say we want to swim. We talk about letting go. In fact, we MUST let go, because it turns out that we can't progress in our journey until we swim to the other side. But most of us want someone to build a bridge across the river, so we can walk across.

Okay, fine, in some cases the people around us will build a bridge for us. The problem is, swimming isn't optional. It is required for our growth and happiness. We may benefit from an occasional bridge, but many places in the journey will never have a bridge, so we must learn to swim. We have to let go of the side and trust that we can make it to the other side, despite the currents, the cold water, and more.

We have to change our attitude about faith—which is the essence of letting go. We must see that it's not just difficult or frightening. It's an essential tool that will make us happy. We need it.

As we embrace it, we gain the power to leap forward in our progress toward lasting fulfillment.

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