The Virus in Your Head

January 18, 2017

Personal Growth

Dan had spent his entire life afraid—of failure, of being controlled, of making his own decisions, of failing to please people, of disapproval, and more. He took the steps to genuinely feel loved, and after steadily practicing this feeling in a variety of aspects of his life, he called me.

“I can’t believe how I feel,” he said. “I have more energy, I think clearer, I don’t get rattled when customers complain, I make decisions much faster, I work more efficiently. It’s a miracle.”

Fear so thoroughly occupies our minds that there is no room left for other feelings or clear thinking. And it exhausts us. Fear affects our minds much like a computer virus, which affects our computer by corrupting files, interrupting Internet traffic and taking over basic functions of our operating system.

Once a virus has taken over our computer, it’s useless. We have to remove it before our computer can function optimally—or at all. And so it is that we have to eliminate the fear in our lives so our minds and souls can function in a way that enable us to be happy and productive. Only love can wipe our minds free of the virus of fear.

Real Love book

Replace your fear & confusion with peace and happiness.


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