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02:35 Call every child in a blended family "my child" rather than " his child" or "her child"

05:13 Defending your child to your angry spouse only makes things worse

10:17 With porn addiction people need to feel loved by their partners, rather than attacked

16:18 It's not healing to tell the details of our abuse stories, or wound stories, over and over again

21:15 Helping a toddler transition from a crib to a bed: make it fun, and be clear

23:23 Having a healthy friend relationship with the opposite sex is possible when we're clear and honest

27:23 Why people stay in abusive relationships

32:30 Email communication is so easily misunderstood and heard as criticism by the reader

36:11 Know-it-all's hate to be wrong, so sometimes it pays to let them be right

39:37 An opportunity to learn to be a real friend without trading

44:57 Feeling gratitude trumps fear, anger, lack and emptiness - it's a very mature quality

46:58 We only feel like we're down to our last $2 because we believe it - it's all about our perception

50:38 We need to be around loving people to remember what's true when we're insane

53:31 How you help a couple on the verge of divorce depends on what their goal is

57:45 Strategic withdrawal is done by choice and done wisely, before you feel afraid


Addiction, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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