Video Chat 73

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Mother has 3 "bad" boys Greg teaches not to compare to perfection

08:05 Choosing a new partner

14:36 Husband is a control freak - choose field of death or life

25:25 What's your life worth?

28:50 Relationship with parents defines your world

31:35 How to love and support 24 year old son with no job and no money

36:17 How to address a 6 year old victim

37:50 Daughter went dumpster diving for food

41:34 "Under the Bridge" Novel

42:20 Can I take a 6 year old to understand what prison is like?

44:25 Irritated by "A good mother makes a happy home"

47:23 How come my youngest son turn out to be so angry?

51:25 Separated from husband who had an affair should I get back together with him?


Dating, Marriage, Parenting

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