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00:00 How to apply a consequence to a 5 year old that has a necklace that breaks easily.

08:22 Grandmother babysits: grand-daughter wants to call father and I believe she is lying.

19:35 Chat two weeks ago on putting an 18 month old into a car seat

25:52 How to apply consequences to daughters that fight in the back of car

30:37 My Ex-husband uses physical force with son. what can I do?

33:07 Law of choice issue with husband who gets engrossed in a movie

38:04 From a teenager: How to deal with Dad and his talk about boys.

48:28 15 year old showers until there is no hot water left

51:14 Power of child screaming

53:05 10 year old gives her gift from father to a friend - father finds out and is angry


Marriage, Parenting

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