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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 I've been used to physical affection, what can I do to replace that?

02:40 15 year old son does not flush toilet - use consequences.

07:35 Does Santa bribe kids?

08:15 I'm 50 and I'm looking for the one that will make me happy.

10:05 A need to find a soul mate answered

15:51 18 year old is dating, how can we teach him consequences?

19:54 How do I discuss the Business finance with my husband who I see as a monster.

26:37 I've been in a relationship for a year, now she threatens to hurt herself if I leave

33:35 Am I demanding and controlling my partner?

35:54 Child hitting others in playgroup – how to apply consequences

41:38 How to address a man who is threatening suicide

46:17 How to love when someone is unloving?

50:21 Going back to teach by consequences 35:54

51:38 19 year old son blames mother for all his unhappiness; what she needs to do


Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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