Video Chat 53

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00:00 My marriage failed and I'm continuing in a dishonest relationship. How do I withdraw from it?

09:37 My husband would abuse me when I was docile and passive in the relationship.

27:25 So is forming boundaries another example of playing on the field of death?

31:25 I see my anger and victim-hood in my relationship continuation from 9:37

33:46 If there is an abuser there needs to be a "abusee" (known as a victim)

34:06 I did take responsibility - I practiced and learned as much Real Love as I could - My husband became more angry and attacking.

36:26 I filed for divorce - Why am I in a great deal of pain?

38:33 PBS DVD pilot information

39:38 My boss is a bully can you help me?


Anger Management, Marriage, Workplace

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