Video Chat 49

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00  Why women cling to their ex husbands / stick to abusive relationships whereas men don’t

People hate to lose an investment (in people), Having any sort of argument with an ex is wrong 

16:38 Reconciliation is a non-starter; whereas starting over from scratch can work

18:23 Parenting, addressing the root of child’s Unhappiness

31:43 Parenting, 13yo making important decisions eg where he goes and who with

41:21 Consequences for drug addiction

54:16 Addicts who minimize their drug use, pot vs harder drugs; drugs alter your ability to feel and give real love so is equivalent to checking out

44:30 Marriages, preference vs fear (peeing in the shower)

51:30 Parenting, how to ask questions of  teenager to show interest without upsetting them


Addiction, Marriage, Parenting

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