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01:35 News on: Seminar in Spokane and China. PBS filming. RL Workplace training.

04:40 Always a risk in being a pioneer - Real Love Coaches

06:44 A graduation party with my Ex attending. Can you help in understanding this situation? - Victimhood

15:32 Business Coach question.

15:49 Victimhood - continuation from 6:44

16:32 My supervisor is like Medusa - She tell me that everything I do to inconveniences her. More about Victimhood.

23:05 Why do I cry?

32:15 My ex-partner's new partner told me a huge lie that was painful now I'm limiting my contact

37:28 It's much harder to wisely withdraw from my mother who lives 30 miles away.

41:21 One of my behaviors is to overeat to feel better and not feel alone. What advice?

43:00 It's our families that know where our wounds are. Refuse an invitation to a fight.

47:09 My 5 year old son says his friend was being mean, and therefore does not want to invite him.

50:39 How am I behaving when I'm afraid to share something important?

52:00 Back to 5 year old son - never express anger at a child and let them make mistakes.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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