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00:00 When I see strangers controlling their kids I have inclination to want to step in.

07:42 What can I do if I don't want to continue a conversation?

09:48 How do I make Real Love calls?

18:12 I don’t want to control or interfere with my daughter's boyfriend. How can I be loving?

26:04 I want to start a Real Love Group - any suggestions?

30:55 What approach can I take with loving and teaching my daughter's boyfriend?

33:44 I'll address an issue with my ex and he'll turn it around and make it about me

40:55 I didn't keep my mouth shut when a teenager was taking malted milk balls

43:48 My 3 year old is already a professional at changing the subject

45:32 I want to help my ex find happiness but I don't know what to do

50:15 I'm empty, afraid and acting like a victim a work

56:12 What to say to someone new about Real Love in the workplace?


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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