Frustration Is Not A Step & More: Video Chat 339

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Greg talks about truly listening to a teenager, a dog with terminal cancer, frustration is not a step, being loving is a choice, and more.

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00:00 Loving is a choice
03:26 Father chooses to listen instead of be irritated in a family meeting
06:45 Greg comments on recent mass killing, when will we address the root causes?
19:59 My husband is a people pleaser, what can I do?
25:23 My dog has terminal cancer, how do we decide when it is time to let him go?
29:40 All the signs that the man you are dating is not interested in learning
50:07 Frustration is not a step


Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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About the author 

Greg Baer, M.D.

I am the founder of The Real Love® Company, Inc, a non-profit organization. Following the sale of my successful ophthalmology practice I have dedicated the past 25 years to teaching people a remarkable process that replaces all of life's "crazy" with peace, confidence and meaning in various aspects of their personal lives, including parenting, marriages, the workplace and more.