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00:00 A mother chooses to trust and to take action
04:17 A man is impatient with his progress and capacity in loving others
06:34 Truth telling at the workplace.
09:48 Loving and teaching with consequences in the classroom
25:01 How to address waiter when gender is unclear
28:19 Parents controlling their children by telling them what to do is harmful.
31:03 Mother removes teen’s phone and the bad behaviors disappear.
36:05 Asking unimportant questions can interfere with and harm relationships.
41:26 Children FEEL their parents’ love.
43:19 Boss and the employee feeling supported by each other.
45:48 What can WE do when WE are being wrongly judged?
49:38 How can I love my sister whose husband is being irresponsible and uses her?


Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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