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00:00 Examples of ways to respond to a compliment when it feels sincere and when it feels manipulative.
03:00 When child offers food that I don't want, how should I respond? Everything you do with a child matters.
06:50 Sex addict; adult man feeling trapped by his controlling mother.
22:50 Daughter’s teacher is a jerk. How to respond to people in authority that are jerks.
29:00 Woman makes a living suing companies that were unfair. She gave up her happiness to pursue justice.
35:10 Couples and shopping: you keep talking and wait until both partners agree.
37:42 Woman keeps attracting men that are emotionally unavailable.
39:05 Woman discovers that her mother taught her unhealthy and unhappy behaviors.
44:36 Unhappy, bitter couple learn how to love. Wife learns to be a better partner.
46:33 Woman used her body to get attention. Discovers that has affected her happiness.
50:17 Is it manipulative to say "I miss you"?
53:18 How much time do I spend on the past? How do I sustain forgiveness?


Addiction, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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