Zero Tolerance for Whining & More: Video Chat 299

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00:00 Don't invite spouse to an event they don't like and expect them to enjoy it.
03:38 Daughter apologizes to father for being critical; father feels loved
13:01 Dealing with gossip; no need to give explanation to a question
19:04 Parent used as a weapon; children can't feel loved when punished.
20:43 Husband sometimes uses wife’s people-pleasing to his advantage
22:33 Example of teaching a two-year old how to deal with anger
29:07 What to say when a plan needs to change
34:24 Zero tolerance for whining; example of teaching consequences for being irresponsible
44:55 A spouse is hoping his wife will help; need to be specific when asking for help
48:25 Example of strong/consistent parenting helps teen with multiple behavior problems


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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