Childhood Source of an Eating Disorder & More: Video Chat 297

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00:00 Kid becomes more loving when he sees the parent acting more loving.
02:45 What “I don’t know” means and what you can do about it.
08:08 “Addict” has gone from “bad” to “belonging to a community” and “addictive” is now a marketing tool.
11:06 A lady, happier with RL, notices that people are attracted to her.
12:50 Mother teaches 3-year-old daughter about praise for beauty vs. unconditional love.
15:54 Story of the childhood source of a woman’s eating disorder.
18:03 Example of loving and teaching.
21:16 A lady with employment problems sees what she can do differently.
27:12 How a mother can love and teach a young teen who acts like a victim when she didn’t do her assignments.
31:41 What to do when people treat you badly.
33:58 What to do when getting what we want gets in the way of what partner wants.
43:03 A definitive example of RL in the workplace.
45:37 Woman who hated her job feels free and powerful after only 3-4 weeks of filling her life with people who could love her.


Addiction, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Workplace

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