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Topics discussed:

00:00 Learning to slowly spend more time with your parent
01:53 Wife gains new perspective on her controlling husband
06:18 Man learns what real strength is vs. posturing
09:05 Woman feels beautiful after being loved
10:14 Man doesn't rescue his adult daughter
15:55 How to reconnect with an adult niece after being shunned
18:43 Parent learns to live without having constant fear
21:24 Fulfilling the "prime directive" at work
23:16 How to really listen to a kid
28:38 How to address sarcasm in a spouse
33:17 OCD symptom is really an example of how we hate to be nagged and controlled
37:05 Allow your children to play with you rather than reject who they are
38:58 Having our sneaky behaviors pointed out can be painful, but necessary
41:36 Parents realize that watching the nightly news creates fear and drama in the home
46:45 The gift of unconditional love to an ex-partner who's dying
50:33 Couple learns to make light jokes together rather than constant annoyance


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Workplace

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