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00:00 13-year old inspiration in Japan loving and teaching others.

01:23 Mom didn’t quit loving child, and it makes a difference.

04:55 How to give feedback to a smelly person at work.

09:29 What to do about angry posts on Facebook.

13:35 Emptiness breeds expectations.

17:18  Stressed about holidays – do something different.

20:14 We manipulate so much we can’t even tell.

23:34 Condoning behavior or kindness, teach your own children what is appropriate for your own family.

27:30  Woman’s relationship is easy but not great, responsibility is hers to get filled up.

34:15  Benefits of teaching Real Love from birth.

36:24  Make a difference by loving, it’s the feeling.

39.19  Must be confident when teaching kids, kid not doing chores.

49:33  Connect consequence to the crime – stop the whining.


Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Workplace

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