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00:00 Nervous, stressed man couldn’t close hands; healed with love
04:13 How to deal with angry supervisor’s instruction
06:59 Employee annoyed by boss doesn’t understand her inherent worth; the effects of fear
16:20 Habits matter: setting an alarm with a RL quote results in conflict-free and happy day
20:34 Seeing other’s behavior as information; not taking things personally
25:28 Pain leads to entitlement and intolerance;
28:48 How to respond to ‘shared’ photos
29:53 Son’s inappropriate questions of dating father. Tell him “It’s none of your business.”
33:21 Neighborhood Real Love group: teaching kids choice about anger
36:00 RL coach offers gratitude for all the ‘tough truth’ Greg has given her and others
41:57 Fear is not real; only imagined. See the truth of NOW.
43:43 Irresponsible woman learns “work makes us happy and strong”
45:30 Listening to loving inspiration – beautiful description of how it feels.


Anger Management, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Workplace

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