Video Chat 266

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Principle of choice.
03:36 How to date/find a partner.
05:55 Stopping anger in a partnership.
13:15 Giving & receiving RL in dating – make pursuit of RL a passion..
19:36 Dating - parent & partner are different roles.
24:48 Fearless dating – be bolder sooner.
28:55 An example of being loving in the workplace.
31:03 A Bruce & Sylvie story.
33:03 Being loving to a partner – zero tolerance for irritation/anger.
39:20 It’s a miracle when we admit that we are wrong.
41:18 Mother is living guideline for RL.
47:15 RL works when you trust & put in the effort to become happier.
52:00 Wife has change of perspective about husband as she learns to love him.
55.45 Rules about spiritual education for teenager.


Anger Management, Dating, Marriage, Parenting

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