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00:00 The fear of making a mistake is far worse than any mistake made
04:39 Many reasons people interrupt us when speaking–what to do
08:15 Bullies control us because we LET them. Tell the truth about our feelings.
12:50 Parenting isn't difficult when we understand what kids love and need
14:04 The power of repeating the new truth with Real Love on physical pain
18:05 Kids might say the parent isn't 'being loving', which isn't necessarily true
18:40 After her intervention, how wife loves husband more and his response
22:18 Schoolteacher needs help loving a 'difficult' student
26:40 Bullies control us.. again, because we let them...don't interact
31:55 Parent uncomfortable with daughter's sexual orientation; how to keep loving
35:33 Wife shows her husband how angry he is. Why we cannot let anger continue.
45:07 With more loving, spouse responds more calmly to a kitchen fire
47:04 Man listens patiently, tells the truth, and gets surprising result
49:35 We can unconditionally love people without teaching, fixing, or engaging


Anger Management, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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