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00:00 Someone refused to write me a letter of recommendation - I was clinging and empty

02:08 Seminar in Washington DC - awareness of a new way of living

03:37 One couple illustrated a problem - she was angry because he hadn't done the taxes for years

06:54 How to use the live chat sessions

07:50 How do I feel less empty when I have so much to do at work?

09:18 Can I have feedback on writing a Real Love conversation to my son?

12:15 What does the performer use in getting and protecting behaviors?

13:14 What should I do instead to feel less empty when I'm at work?

14:57 It can be easy to criticize my son

16:31 My son always performs well so how can I show that my love is not tied to performance?

17:45 I slip into old habits when listening by interrupting

23:58 Opportunities to share Real Love everywhere

24:59 Can I give the Real Love Dating book to my son's girlfriend?

26:36 I'm having unloving thoughts towards other teachers who are unloving towards the students

30:36 How can I realize I'm being a victim and stop it?

33:11 Children being controlled by parents and how to love and teach them

44:01 How to address an adult 18 year son who uses bad language at his mother

47:45 the current generation of kids are more self-centered.

 48:58 I feeling great using Real Love with my niece


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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