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00:00 How to speak up with a "super assertive" friend.
04:42 Don't allow others to take over by stating what you want clearly and early.
07:25 How to state what you need when talking on the phone with poor audio.
11:00 Keeping a good attitude while dating is like mining for gold.
13:10 The saying, "Everything happens for a reason" is wrong!
23:47 Choice is the single greatest principle in the universe.
24:04 People pleasers do it for approval.
31:06 Choosing calm over irritation when mistakes happen.
34:22 Parenting with loving & teaching does not include anger and scolding.
36:20 Learn to be clearer, sooner.
39:36 Work makes us happy and strong, so do one responsible thing at a time.
43:58 Kids always do less than what they know is responsible, so set clear rules.


Dating, Parenting, Personal Growth

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