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00:00 Wife learns to listen, not argue with her husband
04:28 A lecture on listening is not a good idea
06:30 Miracles happen during and after an intervention
09:15 Child tells dad he talked to her mom as if mom is a “huge inconvenience” to him
11:48 Woman wants a kind way to end a friendship with a victim – ain’t going to happen
17:12 Mistakes are how we learn
19:36 Toddlers are eager to be loved and taught
21:42 The gift of sharing Real Love with strangers
23:18 Kids are not a**holes, they need to be included, loved & taught
31:08 Child repeatedly uses her creative victimhood on her grandmother
34:02 Woman decides to follow the feeling of what’s being said - not the details
37:38 Teacher uses real love to connect to a student who is in an emotional prison
46:35 Saying goodbye to a dating relationship that is not working


Dating, Marriage, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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