Video Chat 252

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00  This is how quickly life can change with trust. 

06:09  Being WRONG (in a marriage) is loving. 

11:46  Overparenting. Loved child tells the truth without any fear. 

13:20  Drama. Crisis is almost always self-made. 

14:43  Loving and teaching a spouse & admitting mistakes. 

18:31  PCSD at 16 months and beautiful loving and teaching of a child.

31:11  Feeling loved and peaceful. How do you know?

33:56  Standards for dating, what kind of love are you looking for? 

39:29  SIMPLE Real Love principles are life or death for a teenage cutter. 

44:00  Loving interactions in a marriage with kids, truth telling and parenting.


Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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