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00:00 How to love a child addicted to adrenaline and dangerous sports.
08:54 Faith and Gratitude.
10:21 CHOOSING what you think about something.
11:14 Teaching a teenager about sex and relationships.
24:04 Enjoy each step you're on.
25:17 Addictions have to stop in order to feel loved.
30:31 Re-parenting and the miracles of Real Love.
39:08 3-year-old stating her fears without reacting to them.
41:05 Why we are afraid and what banishes them.
42:47 Addiction to PAIN.
49:13 Information is power (Imitation Love)
52:48 Adults are not that different from teenagers.
54:18 Teenager doesn't like studying. Reasons and solutions. Intrinsic motivations.


Addiction, Parenting, Stress Management

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