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00:00 Dating, and required cooperation in partnerships.
03:15 Stop - you're just forgetting.
07:29 Teaching a 19-year old with consequences.
12:25 Complaining NEVER works.
18:37 Leaving a marriage due to one-sided change.
29:06 4-year old child filled with love and wisdom.
30:59 Gratitude, replace the lies with the truth.
35:50 Love in a partnership, makes EVERYTHING better.
37:35 Healthy clinging and progress.
41:05 Victimhood, want to act like a victim or be happy?
45:15 Reaching out for Love in difficult circumstances.
51:12 Guilt, a child feeling guilty for the death of her brother.
55:08 Don't rescue your kids, it's unloving and crippling.


Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Stress Management

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