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00:00 Telling someone that they come across as aggressive for their benefit.

04:51 How a tone of voice/frown comes across as “I don’t love you.”

07:46 How your worth is not based on someone else's (conditional) love for you.

09:16 Unloving vs loving parents; replacing past dialogue with that from someone who really cares now.

15:04 Feeling loved changes everything.

17:20 Loving and caring for students and co-workers sets a teacher free.

18:24 Everything changes when you feel loved, even physical pain; importance of rules.

31:00  How changes in the family need to be made by unanimous agreement.

39:11  What to say when someone (sister) says they are happy but you can see they are not.

43:43  Event, judgement, feeling, reaction.

48:39  You can’t do your best if you are afraid; find, trust, remember, share love.


Personal Growth, Workplace

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