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00:00  We are paid to do the job, even when our bosses are yelling and empty.
04:42  Need to give opportunities for kids to do things 'on the edge' so they become confident.
06:20  Being loving is not being a doormat. We are responsible to protect the people we love.
10:17  Using fewer words helps us feel love more quickly; why this is important in groups.
15:44  Raising children consistently without anger, makes them unafraid when it comes up.
18:20  What partnership looks like; making decisions together; letting go of resentment.
25:46  Ending a relationship cleanly when the other person isn't ready to be committed.
29:27  Before a procedure, gather information, make the decision, and then no fussing or fear.
36:03  Drowning people tend to notice what is wrong; remember gratitude and not need validation.
39:00  We grow as we share love with other people.
41:55  Man wants to be unconditionally caring about women but also wants to use them for sex; transparency in dating
45:16  Biggest burden is anger, not the things that are happening that feel overwhelming.
47:35  Unacceptable behavior: child needs to explain what they were doing and why it's unacceptable.
52:03  Fear of writing e-mail or texts: remember the love to gradually let go of fear.
53:10  No matter what mistakes we make, we can't lose the love we have.
55:05  Severe wounding in childhood needs to heal before we won't be bothered by what others do.


Anger Management, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Workplace

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