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00:00  Greg shares ideas how to love an adult daughter who is controlling.
03:33  Not feeling well; simply tired and cranky.
07:33  A woman complains about her husband's poor hygiene.
17:11  We can't be wasting our time by taking responsibility for things that are not ours.
24:40  Complaining and drama get us lots of attention but not for long.
35:55  The difference between offering help and enabling/rescuing.
38:37  Less than 2-year old Zoe asks her parents to kiss each other.
42:50  Agreeing among partners about a vegan diet for their children.
46:36  Couple who studies 'Real Love in Marriage' couldn't remember an instant where they lied to the other.
47:20  A worker stays out of drama during a stressful situation at work.
51:17  A student of Real Love who is scarred of not being approved of, practices being herself.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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