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00:00 The need to say what you don’t like.
03:41 Kids respond to pain.
07:24 How being a couple is different from being single.
20:31 Children should be taught to say ‘you love me’ rather than ‘I love you’.
22:40 One person in a couple is usually the key - they have to make the change first.
24:51 Mother feeling the need to take care of her adult children.
27:36 When you are in fear you cannot think of anyone else.
36:40 How we don’t have to avoid making mistakes, just see and admit them.
39:25 The benefits of not adding to the drama of a situation.
42:51 Doubting is lots of work -trusting is easier.
46:18 Sometimes a prediction for the future is made that you cannot see at that time.
53:14 How to respond to anger.


Anger Management, Marriage, Parenting, Stress Management

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