Video Chat 225

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 If you are grateful the little things don’t bother you
02:50 Shame now is due to the original wound not being healed.
05:40 First step in loving is listening.
13:18 Learning from making mistakes.
14:40 A RL child’s response to meanness.
19:09 When there is conflict, speak sooner and clearer.
22:28 What causes riots.
26:05 If we are happy, nothing is tedious or annoying.
29:32 Using sex as pain relief.
31:37 Husband not being sufficiently loving.
34:38 Is it right to prejudge groups of people?
39:39 Why did Jim change his answer from ok to not ok?
44:28 Friends with benefits?
48:39 How you change when you feel loved.
50:06 What can you do when something bothers you.
53:00 Dealing with annoyance when someone repeats themselves.
55:13 Consequences of trading.


Marriage, Personal Growth

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