Video Chat 224

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Healthy clinging is necessary.

03:51 Inferiority and superiority – they’re both lies.

12:18 You can’t be in real love with more than two women at the same time.

14:01 It’s all about the feeling, reduce fear, increase love and everything is better.

15:36 Before you quit your job, get loved and happy while doing that job.

18:14 Mother cleverly uses the Law of Choice to teach her son.

20:34 She didn’t quit, kept filling her love tank, now peace and happiness is the new normal.

29:15  Wife says “what can I do” when she’s attacked, not “what’s wrong with you now”, finds peace.

34:53  The loving way to give praise, two questions to ask yourself why you’re giving praise.

37:25  A great life statement.

42:00  A sweet bedtime experience with a child.

43:40  Your partner is number one overall but don’t keep proving it and become a slave.

47:10  Wife chose to trust that he would feel her love, so she loved him and he loved it.

50:05  Woman kept using the 5 truths; there’s nothing like living a principle.

54:31  Woman learns what to say to take a break from her drowning family in order to get healthy.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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