Video Chat 217

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 I cling so I count.

06:02 Sylvie story

09:09 How to meet an ex at a RL event.

11:27 Wanting to control the love you are given.

18:01 How we almost always over rate our virtues.

21:06 Finding it easier to love grandchildren because it is easier to see the mistakes you made.

23:53 How to cope with an angry partner.

29:13  How you can’t be grateful and angry.

32:42  A woman who argues about everything is driven by pain.

34:37  How to try to communicate with a mother who is an angry, controlling victim.

44:06  How someone recognized they were angry and stopped.

47:58  Why do I love you.


Anger Management, Marriage, Personal Growth

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