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00:00 We get to turn off the thinking and just feel.

03:56 Love is the truth, we can make it the truth for ourselves.

07:15 It's fun to watch people learn to be happy.

09:42 Woman learns to get clearer sooner.

14:20 Mom describes a big sister's loving act without praise.

18:25 Live by the principles, the results are predictable.

20:08 Teen loves the effects of RL on her family.

21:07 Letting kids make choices allows them to learn how.

24:35 Real Love makes a loving family possible.

29:10 Kids raised with RL live happy lives from the beginning.

31:48 Woman gets honest, and loves her family.

39:19 We can't control people.

40:46 Wife takes responsibility for her husband's feelings, creates her own misery.

45:38 We just love victims as we're able.

49:45 Words mean nothing, actions do.

55:52 Seeing a mistake is an opportunity to make a different choice.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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