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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Pleasing VS Loving, confusion about the difference.
03:13 Being wrong is easy and fun.
03:37 Stress at work - working fast VS feeling rushed.
05:32 An imperfect morning made perfect - feeling and attitude.
06:47 Feeling loved and peaceful leaves room for feeling bored.
07:19 Judgments and trusting.
15:05 Unhappy means that the focus is on ME.
15:47 Genuine happiness is unrelated to events.
17:37 Love and productivity at work - the fog is gone.
18:02 A story about a fearless 14-month old child.
21:56 When Getting & Protecting behaviors become less appealing.
24:09 Pain is unavoidable in order to grow.
26:34 Divorce - grief, dashed hopes and hanging on to things.
33:08 Cute story of a 3-year old wondering about homes and families.
34:33 Apologizing at the right time.
35:34 Love is like kisses.
37:36 Poetry about pain, hiding and guidance.
44:27 Daddy, the Love from parents is pure.
47:50 We're blind and stupid - trust to start living.
50:46 Complaining and pointing it out to your spouse.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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