Video Chat 202

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Choosing to trust.

01:15 A 28-year old parent loving a 75-year old child.

03:18 What trust is and how to recognize it.

05:28 Giving up on Imitation Love on the journey.

14:20 Short story - child singing and making up sweet lyrics.

14:51 Defending and arguing - what to do about it.

20:43 Fear in social situations, finding Real Love.

25:22  Trusting and remembering the love.

26:22  A 6-year conflict resolved in 2 minutes.

27:33  Fear - worst case scenario.

32:28  A loving interaction in a relationship.

34:34  Mistakes are part of the journey.

28:27  Loving your child without expectations.

41:50  Being loving toward unkind people at work.

43:40  The disorienting effect of feeling peaceful.

46:03  The decision, feeling and condition of LOVING others.

47:16  Choosing to stay in a marriage and love your partner.

50:29  Getting rid of the distractions while recovering.

54:00  Love from a parent and Love from a partner - the difference.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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