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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Pain is the same no matter where you are; feeling loved is the cure.

03:18 Lessons learned by woman getting divorced – feeling loved creates freedom.

14:48 Car wreck - woman decides to be happy anyway.

16:02 Woman in pain from the past needs to ask for help, and ask earlier.

25:09 Teach grandson that life is often “not fair” but love is what matters.

33:00 Man describes how beautiful life is while feeling loved (after intervention).

34:12 Woman suspects friend’s husband is having an affair; if there’s real proof, telling friend is loving.

35:34 Woman in fear constantly losing jobs; doesn’t choose to trust the love she has felt.

40:38 Parents suffer from “empty nest” syndrome because they use children as source of “love”.

47:28 Loving people is always rewarding, whether easy or difficult.

52:02 We get to choose who and how we love.

54:05 Silvie story

54:46 How to respond to critical partner.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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