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00:00 'So afraid I'll never get this trusting and loving stuff' means we are in our heads. How to know when we ARE trusting.
07:40 Wealth, fame, professional prestige, and 30 years of therapy: none of that heals the wounds, only love.
12:44 RL gives people a chance to get out of a bottomless pit.
16:03 When we feel loved, everything becomes simpler.
17:55 Woman thinks she is being nice, but she is being used
21:24 Parents who consistently love their kids and the results.
22:20 Husband is fed up with wife's selfishness.
30:00 When we don't choose what works, we choose what doesn't.
32:39 The principles that will make us happy are very simple, but we need to hear them over and over.
38:18 Do we need to tell our parents the truth about our mistakes?
39:53 It doesn't matter who the Real Love comes from, just that we feel more peaceful.
41:56 When our status changes, people don't know how to act around us.
46:50 Former teacher gets help to understand her fears and her responsibility


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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