Video Chat 19

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

02:25 News about Real Love events

04:38 Responding to gossip in the workplace

08:45 Making Real Love calls – why, why we don’t

20:34 Why won’t my neighbor be friends with me?

23:47 Emailing vs calling when making RL calls

26:09 How to talk to wife who has a coach but you are approaching divorce.

30:00 What children really mean when they say the parent is mean.

33:00 Telling the truth

35:37 Alternatives to praise

39:50 Loving a disagreeable co-worker

42:00 Making Real Love calls

45:30  Martyr Complex

46:50 Loving people who are “mean”

49:10 If someone can’t “hear” you explaining RL, just stop explaining.

51:00 Real Love format in a group

58:00 Son slaps little daughter, should I say something?


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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