Video Chat 18

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

02:10 The power of being loving with an impossible, miserable person at work.

07:15 Dealing with the draining effects of illness on our RL bucket

11:25 The Real Love in the Workplace book

13:18 Being loving is NOT being right or correcting someone else

19:17 The benefits of talking to Wisemen and women

22:15 Man goes from being right to recognizing that he doesn’t know anything

24:46 Dealing with young woman angry at her boyfriend, how to help her

36:04 Can’t push others to learn or find Real Love

38:55 Clinging defined

41:35 The victimized becomes the victimizer or perpetrator

45:00 Controlling by clinging, benefits of being able to let go

47:58 Freedom, power of choice, being stuck when angry


Anger Management, Personal Growth, Workplace

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