Video Chat 179

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00  RL news

01:00  Choice is at the center of everything; seeing the choice and having the ability to make the choice.

08:15  Spending or not spending time with a toxic family.

11:44  Transference – how our past affects our present relationships

14:04  Sylvie story – frazzled mother of 3 young kids, wise kids.

18:00  Addicted to giving advice – how to deal with it.

25:10  Kid angry that father is gone; kids just want to know they are loved.

31:22  Addiction of looking good; 2 most important qualities in finding a partner

38:29  Claims that someone is an unconditionally loving person are almost never true.

39:53  When talking with an ex, how you feel is more important than the words you say.

43:20  Group member wants to talk about other philosophers.

46:27  It’s ok to grieve when a loved one dies; love everybody who’s left behind.

48:43  How to stop a victim from taking over a group or a conversation.

54:45  Don’t overanalyze childhood; we’re here to love and teach, not listen to pain.


Dating, Parenting, Personal Growth

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