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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 To prepare for a RL workshop, be willing to learn and trust.

02:21 Say something often enough it becomes true - like wallowing in muck.

08:51 Teaching a baby not to hurt you.

13:32 Don’t indulge feelings of hopelessness longer than a day.

15:18 Choosing to feel alive and warm without sexualizing things.

17:41 Instead of comparing ourselves. we can be humble and proud.

19:28 Don't over-analyze an experience when you’re crazy, just start again.

22:46 Kids love routine and unsolicited attention at bedtime.

29:50 RL is a miracle so it makes sense to maximize the benefits with the right wise person.

35:09 "Why" questions are really about wanting to be loved.

38:17 A kid that's loved lets someone else go first and is learning to care about her sibling.

40:09 When we feel loved we slowly uncover our wounds, line upon line.

42:55 A parent's role is Always to love the child, not the other way around.

44:42 A little girl understands tender love, because she's not wounded.

45:58 How kindness can be manipulative.

50:40 Teach children about life by sharing stories of our mistakes and what we learned.

53:23 Until we really feel RL with someone, we can't afford the distraction of dating.


Dating, Parenting, Personal Growth

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