Understanding vs. Real Power

April 13, 2011

Personal Growth

As we study the principles of Real Love, we come to understand that when other people behave badly toward us, they're just drowning. When people lie to us, get angry, criticize us, and more, they're just empty and afraid. They're doing what it takes to minimize their own pain.

We know this in our heads, but when we're in pain ourselves, we don't remember these principles, nor can we fully apply them. When we're in pain, we don't think of intellectual concepts—however lofty—only the utterly self-focusing power of the pain. And then we respond to people suffering from pain-induced insanity with our own form of craziness.

When we're falling off a cliff, we don't think, Hey, that Newton fellow was right about that whole gravity thing. Yep, I should be falling about 9.8 meters per second per second. No, when we're falling we barely think at all. Dominated by sheer terror, we think only of what might save us from hitting the ground.

It's good to know the principles of Real Love that can temper the fire in our blood and create rays of hope in the cavernous emptiness that sometimes threatens to swallow us whole. But we need more than words. We need to use these principles to guide our search for the Real Love that will suspend our fall and—even better—keep us from the edge of the cliff entirely.

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