To Change, We Must Die

October 12, 2017

Personal Growth

Patty was having a very difficult time wrapping her head around the changes needed in her life. “It seems like I have to change everything,” she said.

“Almost,” I said.


“Yes, it does seem scary, because real change—the real thing, not just cosmetic changes—means that we have to kill off who we used to be. Our old self has to die. Understandably, we fight the idea of dying with all our heart—even if it’s all bad things that die. In the process of keeping the old ways alive, we preserve our pain.”

“So, I feel like I need to protect myself or die.”


“But I need to die in order to really live.”

“Yes, dear, you’ve really got it.”

We fight to stay the same, because we preserve our old lives—our ways of pain, fear, and unhappiness. If we really want to live, we have to die. Our old selves have to die. It’s worth it.


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